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2018 Schedule

View the spring training schedule for all 2018 home games at Peoria Sports Complex! 

In honor of serving our fans for 25 seasons, we celebrate with those in the community that serve others for our milestone 25th season by introducing YourPeoria Days! YourPeoria Days is a packed promotional calendar for the 2018 spring training season with themed days for fans that work, serve and volunteer in capacities that protect and provide for others such as teachers, paramedics, nurses, police officers, firefighters, volunteers, active military and retired veterans! We also offer fundraising opportunities benefiting children and animals and, of course, we celebrate all our fans in our 25th season with giveaways and other fan appreciation experiences. YourPeoria Days! Which one is yours? 

Charity Day (February 23rd)

Usher in the 2018 season by attending the Peoria Diamond Club's annual charity game. This event features opportunities to participate as a spectator or a sponsor for the first game of the season and support the Peoria Diamond Club's mission to raise funds for local youth charities and organizations through extensive volunteer efforts! Visit the Peoria Diamond Club for more information!

ValueValor Days (February 24th; March 2nd, 9th, 21st)

We honor those that serve in the line of duty with this special offer available exclusively to first responders and military members. Police officers, firefighters, paramedics, active military and retired veterans are able to purchase tickets at a reduced price of 25% off each ticket purchased for every game that falls on a ValueValor Day. Tickets may be purchased at the ticket office windows or online. Proof of first responder employment or military status must be presented at time of purchase. Acceptable documentation options for window purchases include an employment or service ID card or badge, veterans organization membership card or other combination of service or employment proof with photo identification. Online purchases will be validated using the ValueValor promotional code. There is a limit of four tickets per game.

FamilyFun Days (February 26th; March 7th, 20th, 22nd)

Peoria Packs

Available for purchase for every FamilyFun Day game, this Peoria Pack of 4 lawn tickets, 4 hot dogs, 4 small sodas, 4 bags of chips and 4 cookies for $48 can also be prorated for larger families at $12 per additional family member!  Wait, there’s a catch!  Everyone purchasing Peoria Packs are eligible to earn the privilege of playing catch on the field after the game by donating a gently-used children’s book at Guest Services!


Benefitting the Peoria Education Foundation (PEF) on behalf of the students of the Peoria Unified School District (PUSD), this special offer is an opportunity for the students, faculty, administrators and families of the PUSD and PEF organizations to fundraise!  Through the purchase of tickets for FamilyFun Day games, 25% of the proceeds from each PUSDeal ticket purchased benefits our children's education!  Tickets may be purchased at the ticket office windows or online. Proof of eligibility to purchase PUSDeal tickets must be presented at the time of purchase. Acceptable documentation options for window purchases  include a PUSD student ID card or employee ID card, a PEF employee ID card or a current drivers license with Peoria, Ariz. street address with PUSD student present at time of purchase. Online purchases will be validated using the PUSDeal promotional code. 

PawParty Days (March 1st, 6th, 15th, 23rd)

We welcome man's best friend and support the Arizona Humane Society with this special offer available for select games that fall on PawParty Days. Sit on the lawn with your dog at a game! 100% of dog admission proceeds will be donated to the Arizona Humane Society. Dog admission tickets are available at the Ticket Office windows only.

St. Patrick's Day (March 17th)

Celebrate this festive occasion in style at the annual St. Patrick's Day game at Peoria Sports Complex.  An abundance of green both on the field and in the stands usually accompanies this spring training tradition! 

Kids Days (February 25th; March 4th, 10th, 18th)

Kids will have the chance to sign up to participate in special experiences on a first-come, first-serve basis! Experiences include taking the field with a player, announcing a batter and more! Plus every kid can run the bases after the game! Registrations for Kids Day experiences are not accepted before February 1st. Registration inquiries can be emailed to us!

Giveaway Days (February 28th; March 3rd, 11th, 16th)

The first 2,500 fans through the gates for these select games during spring training will receive a specially-branded 25th season giveaway item! On February 28th, thoroughly playful yet useful visor sunglasses will be given away! On March 3rd, the featured item is a clear vinyl tote bag, perfect for bringing along your belongings for future games! On March 11th, a handy soft-sided cooler will be distributed and the final giveaway on March 16th will have you prepared for warm, sunny days with a neck cooling scarf! 

Appreciation Days (February 27th; March 5th, 12th, 25th)

Volunteer Appreciation

On February 27th, we invite all who volunteer in our community to join us for Volunteer Appreciation Day! We celebrate any volunteer who gives their time to others with a postgame stroll around the bases! Register at Guest Services by the end of the seventh inning of today’s game to participate. Also on the day of game, send your selfie pics to @peoriasportscom with the hashtag #IGIVE for a chance to have your photo displayed on the video board between innings! 

Nurse Appreciation Day

On March 5th, join us in recognizing nurses and all who work in the medical field with their own day of appreciation! This outing features a pregame photo opportunity on the stadium field! Register at Guest Services up to one hour before first pitch of today’s game to participate. Also on the day of game, send your selfie pics to @peoriasportscom with the hashtag #IHEAL for a chance to have your photo displayed on the video board between innings! 

Teacher Appreciation Day

On March 12th, it’s a day just for those teachers, assistants and school administrators that work so hard in the classroom! Be sure to catch the Peoria Unified School District’s reigning Pride of Peoria and Raymond S. Kellis Leadership Award recipients recognized on the field before the game! Also, bring your glove and a ball as every teacher that registers at Guest Services by the end of the seventh inning of today’s game can participate in a postgame catch with a co-worker, friend or family member on the stadium’s outfield grass after the game!

Fan Appreciation Day

On March 25th, we close out the 2018 season, our 25th year of spring training! This day is all about fan engagement as fans can enter social media contests to win special prizes and activities including a pregame on-field photo opportunity, throw out the first pitch, announce “play ball,” help drag the infield, announce a player at bat, sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” and announce the day’s attendance! All prizes and activities subject to change. Visit Guest Services for more information on social media contests.

View our A-to-Z Guide, our Frequently Asked Questions or email us for more information about attending a spring training game at Peoria Sports Complex.