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2018 Schedule

View the spring training schedule for all 2018 home games at Peoria Sports Complex!

Resident Rewards

An offer exclusively for citizens of the City of Peoria, Resident Rewards is an opportunity to save 25% for every Padres or Mariners spring training game you attend! Peoria residents are able to purchase tickets at a reduced price and receive free parking as well. Tickets may be purchased at the ticket office windows or online. Proof of Peoria, Ariz. residency with current drivers license must be presented at time of purchase at windows or online eligibility will be validated by credit card billing zip code. Residents will receive 25% off each ticket purchased. There is a limit of four tickets per game. A free parking voucher ($5 value) for purchased game will be provided if purchasing tickets in advance of day of game. Parking voucher must be presented to and collected by a parking attendant on the day of the purchased game before parking your vehicle. Parking is subject to availability.

Common Cents

In honor of our 25th anniversary season, we invite you out early and often with an offer that is sure to make you look twice! Purchase a ticket to the March 1st, 9th, 20th, 22nd or 25th games and earn the chance to also purchase four additional tickets to any February game for 25% off per ticket. Plus, during February games only, visit Guest Services to pick up a free 12 oz. fountain cup that is redeemable for 25 cent soft drink refills all season long! That's not a typo, it's an offer that just takes common sense to enjoy! Limit one per ticket holder, until supplies last.

Peoria Packs

Available for purchase for every FamilyFun Day game, this Peoria Pack of 4 lawn tickets, 4 hot dogs, 4 small sodas, 4 bags of chips and 4 cookies for $48 can also be prorated for larger families at $12 per additional family member!  Wait, there’s a catch!  Everyone purchasing Peoria Packs are eligible to earn the privilege of playing catch on the field after the game by donating a gently-used children’s book at guest services! $12 price based on advance purchase only. Day of game per ticket increase of $2 applies.


Benefitting the Peoria Education Foundation (PEF) on behalf of the students of the Peoria Unified School District (PUSD), this special offer is an opportunity for the students, faculty, administrators and families of the PUSD and PEF organizations to fundraise!  Through the purchase of tickets for FamilyFun Day games, 25% of the proceeds from each PUSDeal ticket purchased benefits our children's education! Tickets may be purchased at the ticket office windows or online. Proof of eligibility to purchase PUSDeal tickets must be presented at the time of purchase. Acceptable documentation options for window purchases include a PUSD student ID card or employee ID card, a PEF employee ID card or a current drivers license with Peoria, Ariz. street address with PUSD student present at time of purchase. Online purchases will be validated using the PUSDeal promotional code. 

Value Valor

Presented by Navy Federal Credit Union, we honor those that serve in the line of duty with this special offer available exclusively to first responders and military members. Police officers, firefighters, paramedics, active military and retired veterans are able to purchase tickets at a reduced price of 25% off each ticket purchased for every game that falls on a ValueValor Day. Tickets may be purchased at the ticket office windows or online. Proof of first responder employment or military status must be presented at time of purchase. Acceptable documentation options for window purchases include an employment or service ID card or badge, veterans organization membership card or other combination of service or employment proof with photo identification. Online purchases will be validated using the ValueValor promotional code. There is a limit of four tickets per game.

Paw Party

We welcome man's best friend and support the Arizona Humane Society with this special offer available for select games that fall on PawParty Days. Sit on the lawn with your dog at a game! 100% of dog admission proceeds will be donated to the Arizona Humane Society. Dog admission tickets are available at the Ticket Office windows only.


Eligible organizations can receive consigned game tickets at the price level of your choosing to then resell at face value to family and friends as a fundraiser! Your organization will receive 25% of the proceeds from each ticket sold after the spring training season concludes. Unsold tickets need only be returned to the ticket office for settlement, so there is no risk, only reward! For more information, call us at 623-773-8720 or email us.

View our A-to-Z Guide, our Frequently Asked Questions or email us for more information about attending a spring training game at Peoria Sports Complex.