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This guide serves as a general resource for guests and is applicable to spring training. Peoria Sports Complex reserves the right to change or exercise discretion in the enforcement of any policy as necessary. City sponsored events and third party events may modify policies. Guests having any questions or concerns due to medical or other needs that conflict with these policies are encouraged to contact us at 623-773-8700 or email us.

ADA Compliance

Peoria Stadium complies with the rules and regulations of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Seating sections, restrooms, concession stands and drinking fountains are designed to provide comfortable access to all. Accessible parking spaces are available. Peoria Sports Complex provides wheelchair assistance during spring training upon request.


The street address for Peoria Sports Complex is 16101 N. 83rd Avenue, Peoria, AZ 85382. The street address for the Seattle Mariners is 15707 N. 83rd Avenue, Peoria, AZ 85382. The street address for the San Diego Padres is 8131 W. Paradise Lane, Peoria, AZ 85382.

Adult Changing Stations

Peoria Stadium is now outfitted with two (2) Rifton Standing Support Stations for adults with special needs requiring hygiene assistance.  The support stations are located in the each of the family restrooms located on the concourse behind home plate, inside Gate A and Gate B.  We ask that patrons utilize the sanitation wipes before and after use of the changing station.

Aisle Policy

As a courtesy to others, guests are asked to walk in seating aisles only between player at-bats.

Alcohol Policies

Alcohol not purchased at Peoria Sports Complex is prohibited in Peoria Stadium or at Practice Fields. No alcoholic beverages may be taken out of Peoria Stadium or Practice Fields. A maximum of two servings is permitted per guest, per transaction. Alcohol sales will cease at the conclusion of the 7th inning. Enforcement of Peoria Sports Complex's Code of Conduct and state and federal laws apply. 

Autograph Alley

Autograph Alley is a designated location to seek autographs and is located on the right field concourse in Peoria Stadium. Guests violating the Code of Conduct when seeking autographs may be subject to ejection. 

Automated Teller Machines

ATM locations are subject to change, but are typically located in Peoria Stadium near the entrance gates. For ATM problems, guests may call 877-855-5475. Peoria Sports Complex is not able to issue refunds or access the ATM machines to resolve issues.

Baby Changing Stations

All restrooms in Peoria Stadium have baby changing stations. Restrooms at Practice Fields do not have baby changing stations.


Youth baseball players in Peoria Little Leagues are nominated by coaches and league officials for the opportunity to be a batboy during spring training. Peoria Sports Complex does not provide any additional batboy opportunities for guests. 

Batting Practice

The San Diego Padres and Seattle Mariners typically conduct batting practice at Practice Fields, not in Peoria Stadium. Visiting teams do not typically conduct batting practice at Peoria Sports Complex. Batting practice at Practice Fields can typically be observed by guests.


Bicycles and all other wheeled transportation are prohibited in Peoria Stadium and at Practice Fields. Bicycle racks are located outside of Team Store and across from the San Diego Padres and Seattle Mariners clubhouse buildings. Guests are responsible for providing their own lock. Bicycles may not be locked to any gates or fences. Peoria Sports Complex is not responsible for the loss or damage to your personal belongings.


Many spring training games at Peoria Sports Complex are broadcasted on television and radio. Radio broadcasts can often be accessed in Peoria Stadium on 1640 AM. The use of ear buds is encouraged when listening or watching a broadcast on a mobile device.

Broken Seats

In the event of a seat needing repair, please contact the nearest representative for assistance. Peoria Sports Complex will either repair your seat or provide tickets for a similar seat. 


Buses should enter Peoria Sports Complex at Mariners Way off 83rd Avenue. Representatives will provide guest drop-off, bus parking and guest pick-up instructions.


Personal handheld still cameras are permitted in Peoria Stadium and at Practice Fields, provided they are intended for personal use and do not obstruct the view of other guests or occupy any walkways. Professional tripod still cameras are permitted in Peoria Stadium with appropriate credentials. Professional still cameras obstructing the view of other guests or occupying any walkways may be asked to be relocated by Peoria Sports Complex. The recording of any regulation game action is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of Major League Baseball.


Food and beverage services at Peoria Sports Complex are provided by Professional Sports Catering. Catered group areas may be purchased, subject to availability. For more information on group catering opportunities, call 623-773-8719.

Charity Game

This game, benefitting the Peoria Diamond Club and its charitable grant fund, is played between the Seattle Mariners and San Diego Padres and is typically the first game of each spring training at Peoria Sports Complex. To support this cause, contact Peoria Diamond Club at 623-773-8710.

Child Admission

Children ages 3 and over are required to have a ticket for admission. Children 2 and under without a ticket must sit on an adult's lap.


Cleaning services at Peoria Sports Complex are provided by Plan B. Guests needing assistance to have an area or item cleaned should contact the nearest representative.

Code of Conduct

Guests are expected to avoid disruptive behavior, including, but not necessarily limited to, these actions:

  • Obscene or abusive language
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Use of tobacco in non-designated areas
  • Inappropriate displays of affection
  • Obscene or indecent clothing
  • Interruption of the game in any way
  • Causing discomfort to other guests
  • Occupying a ticketed seat without corresponding ticket 
  • Violent, abusive or threatening behavior 

Guests violating the Code of Conduct may be denied admission, denied alcohol service or subjected to ejection. Guests are encouraged to contact the nearest representative for assistance with another guest's conduct.


The only large interior air-conditioned group area in Peoria Stadium, the Colonnade is located on the third base concourse. Guests seeking more information or to book a group can call 623-773-8719.

Complex Cash

Complex Cash can be purchased in increments of $5 for guests to use at concession stands in lieu of cash. Complex Cash has no actual cash value and change for a purchase will not be distributed. Guests seeking more information can call 623-773-8700.


Food and beverage services at Peoria Sports Complex are provided by Professional Sports Catering. For more information about concessions, call 623-773-8729.

Courtesy Shuttles

Complimentary courtesy shuttle service is available in the parking lot. Guests requesting shuttle service may contact the nearest representative for assistance.


Peoria Cove is the kids’ interactive playground located on the third base concourse. It features a miniature baseball field, concessions and shaded seating, a splash pad and a ship-themed playground structure. Guests seeking more information can call 623-773-8719.


Peoria Sports Complex does not issue credentials for media. All credentials are issued by the San Diego Padres and Seattle Mariners. Credentials may be requested be calling the Padres at 623-486-7000 or the Mariners at 623-776-4800. 


Automated external defibrillators are located in five areas at Peoria Sports Complex. One each is located at the observation towers at Practice Fields. The rest are located in Peoria Stadium. The third defibrillator is located at the vomitory nearest Gate B. The fourth is located in the Lobby. The fifth is located in the Colonnade.

Drinking Fountains

Potable water can be found at the drinking fountains adjacent to each restroom in Peoria Stadium.


The City of Peoria does not permit drones to be operated at Peoria Sports Complex.

Electric Car Charging

Peoria Sports Complex has one electric car charging station. It is located in the west parking lot off 83rd Avenue and Stadium Way. It cannot be reserved and is available only a first-come, first-serve basis. It is not owned or maintained by the City of Peoria.


Peoria Stadium is equipped with two elevators. One is located in the Administrative Office and is not for public use. The second elevator is located next to the Team Store and provides guest access to Club Seating and Upper Box sections as well as the Terrace and the Veranda.

Emergency Evacuations

In the event of an emergency evacuation, instructions will be provided over the public address system or by public safety personnel. Depending on the nature of the emergency, the evacuation procedure may vary. Please follow these instructions for your own safety. 

Emergency Situations

Depending on the situation, Peoria Sports Complex recommends the following actions. In all instances be sure to listen for any instructions being communicated over the public address system or by public safety personnel:

  • Active Shooter – Evacuate if there is an accessible escape path. Be sure to have your escape path in mind before you move. Hide if evacuation is not possible. Go to a room that can be locked, hide in between seating rows, behind I-beams or other hardened structures. Get low to the ground and out of a shooter’s line of sight.
  • Bomb Threat – Inform the nearest representative if a bomb threat is communicated to you. Provide as much information as possible about the nature of the threat and a description of the individual making the threat.
  • Fire – Inform the nearest representative if you witness any flames or smoke. Evacuate the immediate area as calmly as possible. Do not attempt to extinguish the fire. Do not use elevators.
  • Explosions – Remain calm. Be prepared for secondary explosions. Crawl under a table or desk and stay away from windows, mirrors and any large, heavy, potentially unstable objects. Do not use elevators.
  • Hazardous Material – Inform the nearest representative of any suspected hazard and if you have come into contact with it.
  • Inclement Weather – Seek shelter, but do not block any aisles, tunnels, stairs, sidewalks or other passageways. There are overhead roof structures located by the Team Store, between Gates A and B and at the Veranda.
  • Medical – Inform the nearest representative if you witness someone or are yourself suffering from a medical emergency. If yourself, stay with the representative until medical assistance arrives. If another, do not move the individual and avoid coming into contact with bodily fluids.
  • Suspicious Item – Inform the nearest representative of any suspicious item. Do not touch it. Evacuate the immediate area as calmly as possible.
  • Power Outage – If occurring during a night game, stay in your location and await further instructions over the public address system or by public safety personnel. 

Experiential Upgrades

Peoria Sports Complex offers new and returning promotional concepts every spring training. Visit our Upgrade Experiences page for more information

Family Restrooms

There are family restrooms located between Gate A and Gate B in Peoria Stadium.

Fan Mail

All fan mail for the Seattle Mariners should be addressed to 15707 N. 83rd Avenue, Peoria, AZ 85382. All fan mail for the San Diego Padres should be addressed to 8131 W. Paradise Lane, Peoria, AZ 85382. Mail for opposing teams or misaddressed to Peoria Sports Complex will not be accepted. It is recommended you do not send anything of value, as the teams cannot guarantee return of the item. The sender assumes all risks when mailing an item.

First Aid

First Aid services in Peoria Stadium are located near the Team Store. Emergency Medical Technicians are on duty at each spring training game and are also typically located in the accessible seating section near each dugout. 

Foul Balls

Guests are welcome to keep any batted or thrown baseball entering the seating areas. At no time should a baseball be thrown back on the field. All guests are cautioned to stay alert for flying objects such as baseballs and bats which could land in the seating area. If you would like to lessen the risk by relocating your seat, please visit the Ticket Office.


Peoria Stadium gates typically open 90 minutes prior to game time. Practice Field gates open at approximately 9 am daily during spring training.

Gluten-Sensitive Diet

Subject to change, Peoria Stadium offers the following items and locations for patrons with a gluten-free diet. Although Peoria Stadium strives to offer patrons gluten-sensitive items there is no guarantee of a completely gluten-free environment due to risks of cross contamination.

- Hot Dogs (Ballpark brand) without bun (all stadium stands)
- Hamburger without bun (Grand Canyon Grille, Home Plate Concourse)
- Greek Salads (Sleek Greek, 3rd Base Concourse)
- Rice Bowls (West Coast, 3rd Base Concourse)
- Fish Tacos w/ corn tortillas (Off the Hook, right field lawn seating)
- Kettle Corn (Cactus Corn, 3rd Base Concourse)
- Smoothies (Maui Wowi, Outfield Concourse)
- Soft Serve Ice Cream & Yogurt (Yogurt-A-Fair, 1st and 3rd Base Concourse)


Representatives are prohibited from soliciting or accepting any tips from guests. Food & beverage servers or hawkers may keep any tips offered from guests. Tip jars are not permitted anywhere at Peoria Sports Complex

Group Tickets

Peoria Stadium has many options to meet and exceed expectations for group outings. Groups may arrange catering, activities and private or semi-private accommodations. Guests seeking more information may call 623-773-8719.

Guest Services

The Guest Services kiosk is located near the Team Store. Guests may obtain information and schedules, register for programs or promotions, request general assistance or express compliments and concerns.

Injury Disclaimer

The holder of a ticket voluntarily assumes all risk and danger of personal injury and all hazards arising from or related in any way to the event for which it is issued, whether occurring prior to, during or after the event.

Lost & Found

Items may be turned in or claimed at Guest Services, located near the Team Store. To inquire about a lost item after an event, call 623-773-8700.

Lost Children

In the event of a lost child or companion, please contact the nearest representative.

Lost Tickets 

Only under certain conditions may tickets be replaced. Guests seeking more information may call the Ticket Office at 623-773-8719.

Media Admission

Working media must obtain credentials from the media relations office of the San Diego Padres or Seattle Mariners at their respective clubhouse buildings. Credentialed media can enter Peoria Stadium at the Lobby or the Staff Gate. The Press Box is located adjacent to the Veranda.

Metal Detectors

Peoria Sports Complex uses magnetometer equipment for admission into Peoria Stadium during spring training. Guests having any questions or concerns regarding metal detectors due to medical or other needs may request to be screened via hand wand. Guests refusing screening may be prohibited from entering Peoria Stadium.

National Anthem

Those interested in performing the national anthem should submit contact information and recording of a previous performance by either mail at 16101 N. 83rd Avenue, Peoria, AZ 85382 or by email at sportscomplex@peoriaaz.gov.

Nursing Mothers

There are family restrooms located between Gate A and Gate B in Peoria Stadium as well as at the Lobby.


The public address system will only be utilized for guest paging in case of emergency such as a lost child or companion. Requests may be made at Guest Services near the Team Store.

Parking Egress

Traffic control measures may be in place to assist in vehicle egress after an event. Vehicles exiting via Mariners Way at 83rd Avenue will be forced south towards Thunderbird Road. Loop 101 can be accessed by turning west onto Thunderbird Road. Vehicles exiting via Stadium Way at 83rd Avenue will be forced north towards Bell Road. Loop 101 can be accessed by turning west onto Bell Road or continuing north and turning east onto Union Hills Drive. Vehicles exiting Stadium Way at Paradise Lane will be forced east towards 75th Avenue. Loop 101 can be accessed by turning north onto 75th Avenue or by turning south onto 75th Avenue and west onto Thunderbird Road. 

Parking Ingress

During spring training there is a $5 charge for vehicle parking and $10 for RV parking. There are three points of entry for vehicle parking at Peoria Sports Complex: Mariners Way, Padres Way and Stadium Way. Mariners Way and Stadium Way can be accessed by 83rd Avenue. Padres Way can be accessed by Paradise Lane. RV Parking can be accessed by Mariners Way. Overnight parking is prohibited. 


The largest exterior group area in Peoria Stadium, the Pavilion is located on the left field concourse. Guests seeking more information or to book a group can call 623-773-8719.

Peoria Diamond Club

The nonprofit partner of Peoria Sports Complex is the Peoria Diamond Club, providing operational support during spring training and other events throughout the year. Nicknamed “Red Shirts,” these volunteers enjoy such responsibilities as ushering, ticket taking, parking, shuttle driving and scorecard distribution. The Peoria Diamond Club has awarded over $1 million in grants to valley youth charities. For information on volunteering call 623-773-8710.

Permitted Items

These items are permitted to be brought in Peoria Stadium and at Practice Fields:

  • Bags, backpacks and purses no larger than 16"x16"x8"
  • Factory-sealed, plastic water bottles with non-carbonated, colorless water
  • Empty plastic water or sport bottles to fill at onsite drinking fountains
  • Sealed, single-serving juice boxes, baby food and formula for children
  • Individual food portions
  • Soft-sided coolers
  • Baby strollers
  • Blankets or towels to sit on; seat cushion/back supports

These items are permitted to be brought in at Practice Fields only:

  • Lawn chairs
  • Hard-sided coolers
  • Thermos and canteen containers
  • Carbonated, colored non-alcoholic beverages
  • Unsealed non-alcoholic beverages
  • Umbrellas over 48" in arch
  • Bags, backpacks or purses larger than 16"x16"x8"


Pets are permitted at Practice Fields only, but must be on a leash not exceeding six feet in length. Only service animals are permitted in Peoria Stadium. Per the American Disabilities Act and Arizona state law, service animals are defined as dogs or miniature horses that have been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability. A dog/horse that solely comforts or provides emotional support does not qualify under ADA. In situations where it is not obvious that the dog/horse is a service animal, only two specific questions are permitted to be asked of the guest:

  • Is the dog/horse a service animal required because of a disability?
  • What work or task has the dog/horse been trained to perform?

Representatives may not request documentation, require that the service animal demonstrate its work or task or inquire about the nature of a guest’s disability. Guests must properly dispose of their animal's waste. 

Pocket Schedules

Peoria Sports Complex publishes a pocket schedule for the spring training season and can be found in Peoria Stadium at the Ticket Office, Guest Services and the Administrative Office as well as local businesses throughout Peoria and the west valley.  


Posters, banners and signs are permitted, however, they may not be commercial, political or obscene in nature, nor obstruct the view of any guests or Peoria Stadium signage. Support poles and masts are prohibited.

Practice Fields

Both the Seattle Mariners and San Diego Padres have six full-sized baseball fields. Beginning in mid-February, Practice Field gates open daily with free admission at approximately 9 am for guests to watch the team during their morning workouts. Practice Fields remain open through the end of the spring training season. 

Prohibited Items

These items are prohibited in Peoria Stadium and at Practice Fields:

  • Metal or glass containers
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Weapons and toy weapons
  • Noisemakers
  • Ball retrievers
  • Beach balls
  • Laser pointers
  • Flags with poles
  • Foam or bubble-making liquids and machines
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles / drones
  • Aerosol cans
  • Fireworks
  • Skateboards and wheeled footwear
  • Tents or canopies

These items are prohibited in Peoria Stadium only:

  • Lawn chairs
  • Hard-sided coolers
  • Thermos and canteen containers
  • Carbonated, colored non-alcoholic beverages
  • Umbrellas over 48" in arch
  • Bags, backpacks or purses larger than 16"x16"x8"
  • Baseball bats, sticks or clubs

Public Safety

Representatives of the City of Peoria's police and fire departments are on site for every spring training game.

Rainout Policy

In the event a regulation game of 4 ½ innings is not completed due to inclement weather or other situations dictated by Major League Baseball, tickets may be either exchanged or refunded.


  • Tickets may be exchanged at our ticket office for any other home team spring training game at Peoria Stadium. A ticket exchange is subject to availability and valid for the current season only.


  • No refunds will be issued at the stadium Ticket Office windows. To receive a refund, tickets must be returned per the original method of purchase.
  • For tickets purchased through the Peoria Stadium Ticket Office, Tickets.com phone center or Tickets.com internet (including mariners.com and padres.com), send tickets to:

Peoria Sports Complex 
Attn: Ticket Refunds 
16101 N. 83rd Ave, Suite 2 
Peoria, AZ 85382 

Please include your name, address and daytime phone number. It is recommended that you send your tickets in a manner in which they can be tracked. Please retain a copy of your game tickets for your records before sending.

  • For tickets purchased through a third party, no refunds or exchanges will be offered. You will need to contact the third party for resolution.
  • For season tickets, you may exchange your tickets for another current season Peoria home game at the ticket office. If you desire a refund, no action is necessary. Your account will automatically be refunded via the original method of purchase, following the completion of the spring training season.

Tickets not returned as directed or sent to the wrong office will cause delay of refund. Tickets can only be refunded for face value. Service charges, parking and/or other incidentals are non-refundable. Refund processing will not begin until after spring training concludes, so please allow for a minimum of 6-8 weeks. Refund requests must be postmarked by May 1st of the current year. The refund policy only applies to cancellations due to rainout or circumstances dictated by Major League Baseball.


Blue recycling containers are located throughout Peoria Stadium to collect plastic, aluminum and paper products.


During spring training, guests may leave Peoria Stadium and re-enter at any time. However, a re-entry stamp must be obtained on your hand from a representative at the gate prior to exiting.


There are no refunds or exchanges once a ticket has been purchased unless it is subject to the rainout policy.

Resident Rewards

City of Peoria residents can receive up to 25% off each ticket purchased, up to four tickets for any spring training game through Resident Rewards. Residents will also receive a voucher for free parking when purchasing tickets in advance of day of game. For more information call 623-773-8700.


There are women’s and men's restrooms located at Practice Fields and in Peoria Stadium. Family Restrooms are also located between Gate A and Gate B of Peoria Stadium. Each restroom is ADA accessible.

Ride Shares

Taxi and ride share services do not have designated drop-off or pick-up locations, but Peoria Sports Complex recommends using Stadium Way off 83rd Avenue. Vehicles may be required to relocate as requested by Peoria Sports Complex.

Scoreboard Messages

Birthday, anniversary and special messages can be displayed electronically on the video board during spring training for $25 per message. Messages are typically displayed during the middle of the sixth inning. To purchase a scoreboard message, call 623-773-8700, email sportscomplex@peoriaaz.gov or visit Guest Services near Gate B up to one hour before first pitch of that day's game, subject to availability.


Complimentary scorecards are distributed near each of the gate entrances in Peoria Stadium for every spring training game and typically include a roster insert of that game's opponents.

Season Tickets

Peoria Sports Complex offers spring training season tickets in three different packages: All Seattle Mariners home games, all San Diego Padres home games and all Peoria home games. Call 623-773-8719 for more information.

Seating Capacity

The official seating capacity of Peoria Stadium is 12,518. Additional standing room only tickets may be sold. The seating chart includes Infield Box, Upper Box, Outfield Box, Club Seating, Bleacher and Lawn sections.


Security services at Peoria Sports Complex are provided by Estaff. Guests needing assistance should contact the nearest representative.


Shaded seating exists in Club sections 305 through 319 and Upper Box sections 200 through 215. Additional shade can be found in sections 217 and 219, but is limited to rows HH and above.


Peoria Stadium prohibits smoking in all seating areas. State law also prohibits smoking in any restroom. Electronic cigarettes are subject to these prohibitions as well. Smoking is permitted in designated areas only. The only designated area with a view of the playing field is on the left field concourse on the decomposed granite adjacent to the pavement along the fenceline. Smoking is permitted at Practice Fields away from entrances and bleachers.

Social Media

Peoria Sports Complex maintains a Facebook account and is also on Twitter and Instagram using the handle @peoriasportscom.


The distribution of any written, printed or painted materials is prohibited unless approved by Peoria Sports Complex. For information on sponsorship opportunities call 623-773-8706.


Peoria Sports Complex is not able to provide secure storage of any personal belongings including luggage, strollers, weapons or pets.


Strollers are permitted in Peoria Stadium but must be folded and positioned under the railings behind accessible seating sections and must not impede the walkway. Strollers in Lawn seating must not block another guests’ view or impede the walkway. Stroller contents are subject to inspection and must comply with other policies. Strollers are permitted at Practice Fields.


Suites are available during spring training for individual game rental. For more information, call 623-773-8719.


Peoria Sports Complex permits tailgating before spring training games. The allowable space is restricted to the guests’ own parking space, either in front of or behind their vehicle. Tailgating cannot block multiple spaces or roadways.

Team Store

The Team Store in Peoria Stadium is open during spring training only. Once gates have opened for each game, the Team Store can only be accessed after purchasing a ticket. Additional merchandise stands are open on the concourse during games as well.


The best field view in Peoria Stadium, the Terrace is located on the third base concourse. Guests seeking more information can call 623-773-8719.

Ticket Office

In late January, the Ticket Office will open for spring training ticket sales and remains open through the season. For more information on specific opening dates and hours each year, call 623-773-8700 or email ticketoffice@peoriaaz.govTickets may be purchased online at www.tickets.com or by calling 800-677-1227. 

Ticket Pricing

The Seattle Mariners and San Diego Padres use dynamic pricing for spring training. Prices are determined by a variety of factors such as opponents and day of the week. 

Ticket Resales

Guests that purchase tickets from someone other than Peoria Stadium Ticket Office or our authorized ticket provider Tickets.com, do so at their own risk, as tickets could be counterfeit or invalid. The Ticket Office will not refund or replace invalid tickets purchased through a secondary provider. Ticket reselling is not permitted near the Peoria Stadium entry gates or Ticket Office.


Peoria Sports Complex does not offer tours during spring training.


A semi-private area in Peoria Stadium located adjacent to Club Seating behind the Press Box.


For information on volunteering during spring training, call 623-773-8710 or email info@peoriadiamondclub.org.

Wheelchair Assistance

Peoria Sports Complex representatives provide complimentary wheelchair assistance for guests to and from their seat. Representatives will not remain with you during the game nor will you be able to remain in the wheelchair for the duration of the game. To request assistance, contact the nearest representative at any entry gate.


The City of Peoria provides for wireless internet access through Peoria Public. It is intended for media use only, but public use is permitted if the signal is accessible to your mobile device.

Will Call

This service is available at the ticket windows located at the Ticket Office, next to Gate B.