Event Services

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Required Contractors

These contractors hold exclusive service rights at Peoria Sports Complex and must be utilized when their services are applicable to any event at our facility.

Estaff is our security service provider and executes secure admission and event safety labor.

Landcorp is our cleaning service provider and performs event cleaning and essential housekeeping functions.

Professional Sports Catering is our food service provider and produces public concessions and private catering operations.

Tickets.com is our ticketing service provider and administers ticket sales and ticket reporting processes.

Peoria Diamond Club is our nonprofit service provider and manages volunteer assistance and ticket reconciliation needs.

Pepsi is our beverage service provider and supplies non-alcoholic beverage and beverage equipment products.

Public Safety

Peoria Sports Complex requires the assignment of City of Peoria police officers for the public safety and traffic management needs of all events. Off-duty police assignments can be coordinated by contacting the Peoria Police Department. We also require the use of City of Peoria firefighters for the public safety and first aid needs of all events. Off-duty medical assignments can be coordinated by contacting the Peoria Fire-Medical Department.